Fracking Giants high on Fluoride

March 22, 2013

030.jpg Archaeologist Sam Crockett and reoccurring guest Daniel Bachleda discuss the possibility of an ancient race of giants.  I talk to Sam about his recent trip to North Dakota and his experience with the "modern day gold rush." The new heart of darkness pulses ferociously underground through the fluoride layer and into the inner chamber of the Wells Fargo headquarters.  Thanks for staying tuned.


Gravy doubles with Butt 2 Butt

February 3, 2013

butt2butt.jpgZach Dunlap and Sarah "Champagne Jayne" Reynolds from the band Butt 2 Butt make their first appearance on the show. We talk about how Sea World in San Antonio might just be the best place to meet babies. I play a few songs from their highly anticipated debut album My bed my bitch. Fried Gold is also proud to present our new sponsor, a fledgling car company called Saturn.


Pretty bitches don’t lose fights!

November 30, 2012

469.jpgFried Gold is back!  Sorry it's been so long, I had to do my dishes.  On the show we have Nick D'Auria, Jimmy Cookman, and Fried Gold veteran Brian Thomas.  Should blood doping be legalized?  Do pretty bitches lose fights?  The only way to answer these questions is to "let me smell yo dick."


The Midnight Purr

April 21, 2012

107.jpg Chris and Andrew make their second appearance on Fried Gold. We discuss their new project "Midnight Purr" and some of the trappings they avoided while steadily climbing up the Canadian pop charts. Chris is set to leave for Argentina and Andrew is scheduled to undergo a vasectomy in the morning. This episode is like eating dinner with your grandma at three o'clock in the afternoon while somehow listening to a morning radio show.


The ayahuasca Jeffry Dahmer experience

March 10, 2012

081.jpgIn this episode we discuss how ayahuasca is the new seventh grade pussy. Geovanni Knox, Castle Danger Danz, and Daniel break down this increasingly popular psychedelic compound. Was Jeffry Dahmer simply misunderstood? Should you let strange Peruvian men drive home drunk? We get to the bottom of these important but often overlooked questions.  I'm considering going vegetarian after listening to this episode, enjoy.


The Poo Slurry Brunch cast

February 19, 2012


Need I say more?  We go mobile for the first time here at Fried Gold.  Eventually we get a chance to chat with Jimmy Cookman, the  co owner/operator of the Hair of the Hog restaurant. Our guests include; Joel Thomas Pepper, Daniel Bachleda, and lieutenant J Marsh.  If you haven't tuned out by now, we know you are dedicated, so thanks for putting up with are excuse for entertainment.


Scientific Hocus Pocus

February 3, 2012

156.jpgDo pheromones play an important role in your amorous exploits, or is that just scientific hocus pocus?  Freelance biologist Jamie Hale drops in to set the record straight along with Brian Thomas. Dog piss or godsend?  Tune in to see how my line of facial toner was rated.  Warning, both the toner and the podcast have similar side effects.  Enjoy!



January 28, 2012

Marthasbook.jpg Bringing you the titular line of  the brand new book One More For the People and some Grover family minutes, we chat with Portland author Martha Grover as she begins her book tour. She educates us about her battle with Cushing's disease. John appears to have a crush on her mother! And we discuss why is 80% evil and cheese is 100% delicious. Hey, it isn't always a brodeo around here!


Anton Chekov and Occupy Wallstreet

January 20, 2012

We talk with Jake Clary, the director of Wood Demon Art Theater about directing Chekov in his backyard, he critiques the current state of Occupy Wall Street in Portland, and we critique 017.jpghis mustache. Do yourself a favor and listen to this podcast while you do the dishes . . . don't let them pile up like that you slob!


Airplanes and Black girls

January 17, 2012

073.jpgKeeping it real for our ten listeners

This episode starts to take a nose dive in the first five minutes, but we somehow pull back on the yoke and salvage a podcast.  Brian Thomas and lieutenant J Marsh (Marshall) aren't pulling any punches and I've taken a stance against editing.  A quick warning to listeners, we do mention the f word.